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Super Studio Session

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Super Studio Session Manual (html)

Super Studio Session Program (BinHex)

Brass Sounds/Songs (BinHex)

Country Sounds/Songs (BinHex)

Heavy Metal Sounds/Songs (BinHex)

Sound Effects/Songs (BinHex)

String Quartet Sounds/Songs (BinHex)
History: We have received loads of email regarding Super Studio Session, first published by Bogas Productions in 1986. When it was first introduced in 1986 as Studio Session, it was the first program for the Macintosh that substituted digitized instrument sounds for electronically synthesized sounds. It also managed to squeeze six simultaneous voices out of the Mac's sound generator, instead of the usual four voices. Studio Session won a number of awards, including the MacUser 1986 Editor's Choice Award (the Eddy) for Best New Music Program and the 1998 MacWorld Reader's Poll for Music Software of the Year. In a MacUser article entitled "Unsung Heroes," the author said, "I have looked at Studio Session in depth and I'm tremendously impressed by it, as are all the editors of MacUser . . . . But, we haven't mentioned Ed (Ed Bogas) in the articles . . . Well, once again, I want to thank Ed Bogas publically for all the work and brilliance that went into this fine product." M. Wesley, "Unsung Heroes," MacUser, April 1987. Studio Session received a 4.5 (out of 5) mouse rating from MacUser magazine ("Now that an excellent manual exists, we have added a half a mouse to the program's rating"). Since its inception, Studio Session has been updated many times and is now presented as Super Studio Session. Super Studio Session  has eight tracks, and uses digitized instrument sounds at 22 khz. You can download the Super Studio Session manual, program, and all the additional instruments and songs that were originally sold with Super Studio Session.
Notes on Downloads:

Your browser may know how to decode BinHex files automatically. If so, you will see an Installer icon next to the .hqx icon. If not, you will have to manually decode the .hqx file with a program like StuffIt Expander.

Launch the installer. It will create a folder with all the necessary files in it.

Open the Super Studio Session folder, launch Studio Session, and start making music. Add the additional instruments to the Super Studio Session Instruments folder and add the additional songs to the Super Studio Session Songs folder.

Description: Super Studio Session provides an application program, a collection of sample songs, a comprehensive phrase library excerpted from those songs for use in your own compositions, nearly 100 digtized instruments and sounds, and the dancing notes animation. Super Studio Session gives you complete composition and performance capability for your songs. The Super Studio Session Editor allows you not only to write your own music but also to play it on your Macintosh or on your home audio system. You can create and arrange pieces that range from solo to symphonic compositions by using the Editor’s eight tracks. You can also weave in any number of instrumental voices. All of the digitized sounds provided with Super Studio Session were created by recording the actual sound of more than 50 different musical instruments in a professional recording studio. You can purchase sound digitizing software so that you can create your own sounds or instruments by using a. product such as SoundEdit™ by Macromedia.

Brass: Trumpets, trombones, and french horns.
Country: Banjos, country & steel guitars, fiddles, harmonicas, and jaw harps.
Heavy Metal: Heavy metal guitars, drums, and keyboards.
Sound Effects: Animals, machines, everyday sounds, and funny effects.
String Quartet: Violins, violas, cellos, basses, and songs from Bach, Debussy, Dvorak, Mozart, and Schubert.

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