Jam Session

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Jam Session Manual (html)

Jam  Session Program (BinHex)

History: We have received loads of email regarding Jam Session, first published by Broderbund Software. When it was first introduced in 1988, Peter Lewis of the New York Times described it as entertainment software that "will not let you hit a wrong note, no matter how tone deaf you may be." P. Lewis, New York Times, January 12, 1988. Jam Session won a number of awards, including including the 1988 Software Publishers Association awards for Best Sound, Best New Use of A Computer, and Best Entertainment Program. It is often described as turning "an Apple Macintosh into a recording studio, complete with a full cast of musicians." L. Magid, San Francisco Examiner, April 7, 1988. Since its inception, Jam Session has been updated many times and is now presented with new songs and new animation. You can download the Jam  Session manual and the Jam Session program.
Notes on Downloads:

Your browser may know how to decode BinHex files automatically. If so, you will see an Installer icon next to the .hqx icon. If not, you will have to manually decode the .hqx file with a program like StuffIt Expander.

Launch the installer. It will create a folder with all the necessary files in it.

Open the Jam Session folder, launch Jam Session, and start playing music.

Description: Jam Session provides digitized instruments in combination with music composed by professional songwriters. Jam Session allows you to play sizzling solos and melodic passages with a variety of instruments while the program acts as a “backup” band for you. Jam Session automatically takes care of all chord changes and other nitty gritty musical details so you’ll hopefully never hit a sour note. Jam Session includes visual gags which are almost as fun as the music itself. The rock musician Todd Rundgren incorporated Jam Session into his act on his concert tour in 1987. Musicians as well as novices can have fun with this program.

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